Our Vision

1. To emerge as a “Centre for excellence” offering Technical Education and Research Opportunities of very high standards and to empower each student to succeed in global competitive environment.

2. Promoting Prosperity of mankind by augmenting Human Resource Capital through Quality Technical Education & Training.

3. To aim at inculcating the spirit of high ambitions, healthy attitudes, discipline and multidimensional excellence in the students.

4. Strive to mould the students to scale new heights and get their mental horizons enlarged through value based technical education and congenial study environment.

5. Achieve a remarkable career as well as assimilate cultural values.

Our Mission

  1. To sharpen the inherent professional skills of our students to enable them compete in the complex world through our newly evolved quality management system and dedicated staff.
  2. Imparting practical oriented educations which tend to promote the intellectual pursuits of the students.
  3. Provide for synergetic coupling of engineering, pharmacy, management and information technology in engineering education.
  4. Promote to learn unifying and interdisciplinary aspect of engineering.
  5. Create awareness for social, historical, ethical, cultural and human values.
  6. Accomplish Excellence in the field of Technical Education through Education, Research and Service needs of society
  7. Create an innovative intellectual spirit and capability for critical judgment.
  8. Establish a symbiotic relationship with industries.